Bell Ringing

Ringing Bells with Us
We are a happy band of bellringers! We practice on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm and ring for Sunday services, weddings and other special occasions. We are delighted to welcome anyone new to bellringing (minimum age 10 years old approx. but height dependent!) and training is given. With three new recruits, as part of the #RingingRemembers initiative we rang on 11 November 2018 half muffled before the service, open ringing at 12.30pm and again at 7.05pm as part of the national ‘Battle’s Over’, the international commemoration of the centenary of the end of World War 1. On the anniversary of VE Day, 8 May 2020, we rang at 7pm.

The bell tower and its ringers are affiliated to the Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers and are part of the Bicester Branch with a Facebook group for ringers to keep in touch about events and social occasions.

History and Specifications of the Bells

The oldest bell in the St Nicholas tower, the Sanctus, dates from 1652. The tenor and five others date from 1859, and the ring of eight was completed in 1956 by the addition of the Treble and second bell.

Bell Ringers, 1914

Bell Ringers, 1914

The details of the bells
Treble 2 cwt, 3 qtrs, 21 lbs Mears & Stainbank (1952)
Second 3 cwt, 0 qtrs, 12 lbs Mears & Stainbank (1952)
Third 4 cwt, 0 qtrs, 11 lbs G. Mears (1859)
Fourth 4 cwt, 2 qtrs, 17 lbs G. Mears (1859)
Fifth 5 cwt, 1 qtr, 26 lbs G. Mears (1859)
Sixth 5 cwt, 2 qtrs, 10 lbs G. Mears (1859)
Seventh 6 cwt, 2 qtrs, 13 lbs G. Mears (1859)
Eighth 8 cwt, 1 qtr, 7 lbs G. Mears (1859)
Sanctus; 1′ – 6″; unknown (1652)

The bells were re-fitted and re-hung by Whites of Appleton in 1908. They hang in a wrought-iron ‘double bar’ frame installed in 1908. They were again repaired and re-hung in 1992/93.


If you are interested in learning about or participating in this historic activity, or if you are a group from another village who would like to ring in our tower, please contact Teresa Carter, the tower captain, by phoning her at 01865-374909.

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