Dr South’s School

May Day 2017



One of the most important benefactors of our church is Dr Robert South, who was the rector from 1678. He was in principle a follower of Archbishop William Laud, and he did not receive a bishopric because he had been a chaplain to the Roman Catholic king James VII/II. He rebuilt the chancel of the church in 1680 and in 1689 he built a grand rectory with an expansive garden, an illustration of which is included in White Kennett’s Parochial Antiquities, despite the fact that the mortar was not yet dry when the book was published.

His school, founded in the 1680s remains an important part of our village’s life today. Its heritage can be seen in the modern Church of England Primary School in the village.

Dr South also established charities, which still offer assistance to students and elderly people in the village. If you have a need for assistance and think that you might qualify, please contact one of the clergy or the church wardens.

Dr South's Modern

Visit the Dr South’s School Web Site by clicking this link

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