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Bell Ringers, 1914

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The Three Parishes Magazine for Islip, Noke and Woodeaton is available monthly at 73p or, for the year of 11 issues, at £8. A team of distributors (see photo) aim to get it to subscribers at the beginning of the month (and individual copies are also available in the Village Shop or Churches). All issues contain articles and news from each of the villages with a diary of forthcoming events, advertisements for local businesses and services and contact details for local organisations as well as useful information e.g. the Village Shop opening times, railway and bus timetables and the times of church services.

Our editor is Joanna Mathews – any copy should be sent to her at

The Islip Rural Deanery Magazine started in 1898 and ran until 1914. After a break it appeared to restart in January 1923 and reported the appointment of the Revd Blanchett in 1951 who continued it until at least 1953. His successor, the Revd Donald Westcott (1969-1986), started what is now known as the ‘Three Parishes Magazine’, and this was continued in a A4 format by the Revd Richard Sturch until the present, more user-friendly, A5 version.